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Zezhong Fluid Technology Co., Ltd
Zezhong Fluid mainly provides professional fluid technology and module equipment services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical water systems. This includes preparing high-qua...
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Warranty service

Telephone reply within 1 hour.

Arrive at customer site within 24 hours

Accessories arrive at customer site within 48 hours

Accessories service

Customized annual stocking plan

Spare parts companies prepare goods in advance

Same day shipment, arrive at customer site within 48 hours

Regular maintenance services

Regular follow-up and training

Check the operation of the equipment

Guide equipment maintenance and upkeep

Annual cleaning, disinfection, rust removal, pickling, and passivation services

Annual accessory plan and stocking services

System renovation services

Software upgrade

Hardware renovation

Automatic control system renovation

GMP compliance rectification

System revalidation

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